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Play Zong!

Starvanger has created Zong, a horribly addictive free 3D-Pong web game which uses "Skill", one of the tracks from the Determinance soundtrack, as its music.

Move your mouse, swing the sword, duel to the death.

Determinance is a multiplayer sword-fighting PC title. The movement of the mouse corresponds directly to the movement of the sword, so only your skill with a blade matters. Slash wildly or creep in for a stealthy strike: it's up to you. Oh, and did we mention you can fly?

Forget what you think you know about so-called fighting games: full analogue control has arrived.

Try the demo and see for yourself.

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"Learn how to meld sweeping chops with subtle clashes and blocks, and that's when the fun really kicks in...Hugely rewarding." PC Zone UK

"Genuinely intriguing." PC Gamer UK

"Definitely one of the best fighting games I've ever played." William D. Usher, - Read the review!

"Unique gameplay, excellent accuracy and control…this game is worth its weight in gold." Shaun Potts, - Read the preview!

"I personally am a very satisfied customer. There’s no other game like this on the market today and it is FUN mixing it up in a high speed superhero melee. Give the demo a try. Highly Recommended!” Five Stars, Garage Games User Review - Read the review!

"This game is innovative and very, very fun." Simon Wang, Addicted Geek - Read the preview!

"The aim of giving the player total control of their weapon has been achieved. After a little practice the game is very fluid and a lot of fun." Bill Hartley, IC Games - Read the preview!